Short history of the castle

The castle was once a fortified medieval castle. The earliest mention of the site Hoepertingen goes back to 1150.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the castle was turned into a beautiful countryside mansion. Historical parts like the blue lounge (the castle hall), the cardinal room and the house chapel have been preserved.

From 1930 to 1985 the castle was rebuilt again, this time it became a girls’ boarding school called St. Mary Institute. Part of the castle is still inhabited by sisters Annuntiaten from Heverlee.

After a thorough modernization in 1987 the name St. Mary Institute was changed into the Castle Mariagaarde Association.

Through the historical connection to village and region, through  its historic architecture, a versatile range of contemporary initiatives and the simple but well kept style, the castle is a unique residence and a special place of tranquility.