Place of Tranquility

Castle Mariagaarde is a millennium old site where silence prevails. That is exactly why it is a special place to rediscover yourself and others, and to make new acquaintances. This silence provides all our visitors with the ideal environment to feel at home.

Hospitality is of the highest value at the castle. You can come and stay here with groups up to 75 people (associations or organizations, family groups, music groups, choirs, companies, for your own education, relaxation, coaching, study, etc.) but also participate in our trainings, workshops for creativity and art, days of tranquility or reflections, cultural events and special celebrations.

Everything is at the service of our visitors. The intimacy of the park, the charm of the 18th century towers and the castle itself, the monumental entrance, the active community of religious and committed employees make the castle an ideal place to enjoy, to stay and keep coming back.

And tranquility here is our inspiration!


“It is important to have half an hour (a day) to meditate,

unless you are busy,

Then a full hour is necessary.”

François de Sales (1567 – 1622)