In the rash time of today, tranquility  may be the most underestimated luxury. We can offer our guests this source of energy. Tranquility never intrudes! She  may happen to you, but she does offer to themselves.

Hospitality, originally a Christian spirituality, will be updated in Castle Mariagaarde by enabling encounters between people, who are always on the lookout for themselves, towards the other,  in connection with the world and the earth on which we live.

In those terms the mission of the Castle Mariagaarde is contained: tranquility and hospitality. Century-old values for an equally actual (read: contemporary) spirituality.

As a place to stay we have attention for the inner human being and for the inner time.
At that pace the lovely castle clock rings the time in and out …

The non-profit association of Castle Mariagaarde is also used to restore, to renovate, to manage and to disclose the Castle Mariagaarde. Because of this the association of Castle Mariagaarde creates added-value on social-economical, cultural-historical level and on the level of the cultural landscape for both Haspengouw and Flanders.