Community of sisters Annuntiaten

In 1929 the sisters Annuntiaten from Heverlee bought the castle of Karel de Moffarts and turned it into a girls’ boarding school with internship.
After a 50 year period of education the school was assimilated through fusion into the Group of schools of the city Borgloon.

In 1985 the complex was given another destination. The sisters transformed it into the residence Castle Mariagaarde.
A deliberate choice was made, a choice which respects the sisters’ life style and philosophy. The sisters are trying to live evangelistic in the spirit of the Holy Virgin Mary. This means that in the Gospel they are trying to discover Mary as the woman who has given Jesus to the world.

Like this, through simplicity,prayer and presence at Mariagaarde,the sisters are trying to be at the service of God’s Kingdom. They are the silence people in the house…

Within and around the Castle Mariagaarde tranquility and hospitality prevail.