Guru Yoga Retreat

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Kasteel Mariagaarde vzw
Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche
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Through Guru Yoga we set our hearts and minds in the right way so that we receive the teachings as purely as possible.

Guru Yoga is the root of Tantrayana practice. Whatever practice we are doing, Guru Yoga will empower our practice. The reason for this is devotion. The cultivation of devotion is not for the benefit of the teacher. It is us, the students, that benefit from devotion. The cultivation of pure love and devotion opens our hearts, clears our minds of delusion, and reduces our ego. This is the way to truly receive a teaching.

If we come to a teaching from a place of ego-pride, we may not hear it correctly, or we may misunderstand. It may be the perfect teaching, given by the perfect teacher, but with ego-pride, it will not help. Guru Yoga enables us to come from a place of devotion and connection.

In Buddhism, the Student-Teacher relationship is very important. Although we all contain Buddha-nature, we are often not capable of recognizing it. We need a teacher, a guru, to guide this realization within us. The teacher introduces us to ourselves. This relationship is key! We can read a book, but a book cannot read us. A good teacher reads us, and holds up a mirror so that we can see ourselves.

Guru Yoga helps us to cultivate pure motivation and deep devotion for the teacher and the teaching. This, more than anything, will help us to receive the most benefit from our practices. It also enables the wisdom and realization of the Lama to melt within our mind. It is not sufficient to carry the seed of Buddha-nature in us. We need faith and devotion, so that our Lama can transfer blessing upon us.


Kasteel Mariagaarde vzw
Kasteelstraat 10
3840 Hoepertingen - Limburg
0032 (0) 12 74 11 31

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